Genealogy expert - Mary Jo Summann
Data Sources   -   Clarice Groeling
                Gerry Kopf
                Pam (Kopf) Gealy
                Arlyce Malchow
               Carmen Summann
Letter Trans    - Pam (Kopf) Gealy
                         Friedrick Summann

    Our SUMMANN Ancestors

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We have a very special family history in that very few can take their surname back to it's
origin.  We are able to do this with our Summann name because of the unusual name
practices in the area of Germany where the Summann came from.  Go to the 'HISTORY'
page to read more.

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Other interesting things about this family:
  • When a couple married, the one owning the land keep their last name, the other one changed their last name.

  • One died fighting in WW I in Italy

  • One died fighting in WW II Russian Front

  • One died fighting in WW II a pilot in England

  • One died fighting in WW II Buried in a mass grave

  • - There were 28 children who died under the age of 10 years

  • - There were 14 children who died under the age of 5 years

  • - There were 12 children who died under the age of 1 year   all but 3 died in the 1800's

  • There are 2 first cousin marriages

  • There is 1 professional football player
  •         The History button has been modified, more information will be added when it is received
The SUMMANN Family
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